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I am a filmmaker with experience in several genres, from corporate films to documentaries, commercials and video clips. In the past 20 years of my career, I have specialized in creating cinematic images, regardless of the camera. As a young explorer, I started my career as an adventure filmmaker and resulted in an 8-part documentary-style television series about a sailing adventure around the world. Nowadays I make a lot of online content for profit and non-profit organizations. As a “one-man band” I am an experienced self-directing cameraman where I can take care of pre and post production. If necessary, I can put together a team of professionals with producer, director, camera / audio operators and grip for larger productions. It is my passion to create stories that touch peoples hearts.
Nowadays I work with Canon C-series, Sony FS7 or FS5 and RED camera’s. New in my collection Canon C200 4K camera


I can be hired as a camera operator, for editing jobs or as a director.